easy-to-use and


complete hardware

for any Game Room.

Durable hardware. Good looking. Intuitive.

Magnetic Cash’s hardware products.

We proudly produce all the hardware offered by Magnetic Cash ourselves,so we ensure that the products are good quality and durable.

Line of readers

Magnetic Cash readers can work with two types of technologies, which can be used separately or combine them both in the same controller. They are shining so that the user can identify them easily and intuitively, so that both adults and children can use them without any problem.

NFC Technology: With the incorporation of NFC technology, customers can rest their cards on the reader and automatically enable the game. It is fast and intuitive.

Magnetic Band: 100% reliable technology which has been used in the market for several years but is still intuitive, effective and also more affordable.


Counting of Electronic Tickets

Flashing Lights

3.5" Full HD LCD screen


High sound volume

Water and Dust Resistant

Mcash Self Service kiosk

Important addition to any entertainment center. Perform the same actions than an employee quickly and very easy-to-use.


Card analysis, sale and recharge.

Card balance, status and activity display.

24″ Full HD LCD screen

Improves transaction times.

Self-operated by customers, no employee needed.

Safe steel box compartment.

Convenient hardware design that reduces space.

Customizable design.

Animated presentations with music when idle.

All in one – Dual Screen POS

It replaces the simple computer monitor with a modern point of sale with a built-in card reader and with double screen for a better view for the customer during the transaction.


15,6" touch screen.

It can be purchased with one or two screens, which enables the customer to see the transaction that was made.

Cash Drawer (optional)

Built-in wi-fi and Card Reader.

Barcode reading can be added for redemption prizes.

Multi-language capability.

Magnetic Cards and NFC Wristbands

We provide high quality cards with magnetic stripe technology, NFC or both. We also design them so they are not just plastic cards or bracelets to replace tokens, but they also help you to continue building your brand. Put your brand image on their hands or wrists!

Take informed business decisions.

Keep the brand in your customer's wallet.

Make them collectibles.

We make the design for you with no cost.

Access Control

Maintain the control of your lines and the control of your employees, by placing accesses to your indoor or outdoor park games.

Take informed business decisions.

Add the card readers to any Tournstiles.

Make it simple and affordable adding manual access.