Cashless System 100% designed for FEC Operators

Magnetic Cash is the best option to make the change from tokens or coins to a cashless system. It doesn't matter if you have 5 to 200 machines. Why?

Cashless system 100% designed for FEC operators.


Free updates and support.

Self-installable software.

Easy to use for you and your customers.

Use a standard computer.



With the incorporation of NFC technology, customers can rest their cards on the reader and automatically enable the game. It is fast and intuitive.

  • Water and dust resistant
  • NFC Technology
  • Magnetic Technology
  • Counting of electronic tickets.
  • 3.5″ Full HD LCD screen
  • Multilingual
  • Flashing lights
  • High sound volume


All in one - Dual Screen POS

  • 15,6″ touch screen.
  • It can be purchased with one or two screens, which enables the customer to see the transaction that was made.
  • Cash Drawer.
  • Built-in wi-fi and Card Reader.
  • Barcode reading can be added for redemption prizes.
  • Multi-language capability.


Mcash Kiosk

  • Card analysis, sale and recharge. Card balance, status and activity display.
  • 24″ monitor.
  • Improves transaction times.
  • Self-operated by customers, no employee needed.
  • Multiple cards purchase in one transaction.
  • Multilingual.
  • Animated presentations with music when idle.
  • Customizable design.
  • Check card balances and history.
  • Convenient hardware design that reduces space.
  • Increases guest spending.
  • Safe steel box compartment.

MCash Software

  • Take control of your FEC
  • Allows to analyze, sell and recharge cards.
  • Accept cash or cards.
  • Allows cancellation and return of transactions
  • Can be mounted on netbooks or common desktop computers, with a touch screen monitor or with a mouse.
  • Sales history
  • Possibility of having reports remotely on IOS devices.

Redemption control system - Go green with E-Tickets

  • Manage your ticket house.
  • Manage paper tickets, electronic or both at the same time.
  • Easy control of your inventory while getting valuable statistical information of prizes, purchases, returns and redemptions.
  • All the information you need, at your fingertips, helping you to make good decisions when buying prizes.
  • Control your employees on ticket exchange transactions.
  • High speed with multiple items per transaction.
  • Inventory items cataloged by category with the capability of adding labels.

MCash Software

  • Integration with Magnetic cash: If you currently have magnetic cash system and want to sell food in your FEC, you just have to add the food court POS.
  • Customize your screen: Easy to select products on a touch screen. The screen can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Allowed all payments methods: iit can be connected with Magnetic Cash card system as well as all payment methods.
  • Set up products: Set up promotions for different kinds of products. Inventory items cataloged by category with the capability of adding labels.

Access Control

Maintain the control of your lines and the control of your employees, by placing accesses to your indoor or outdoor park games.

  • Tournstiles
  • Manual access

Marketing tools

Magnetic Cash helps you create new marketing tools, increasing your profits by encouraging customers to spend more. Create different packages according to your customers profile and sell them in advance.

Cards And Wristbands

We provide high quality cards with magnetic stripe technology, NFC or both. We also design them so they are not just plastic cards or bracelets to replace tokens, but they also help you to continue building your brand. Put your brand image on their hands or wrists!

Now it's the time to make that important change to a cashless system.