About Us.

More than 20 years supplying the entertainment industry with debit card systems.

Who we are.

We are a company focused almost exclusively on FECs and small operators. As it has no monthly fee and is an easy system to install and use, a large number of operators who want to update their current system choose us to implement a new cashless system. Our product always seeks to be the simplest and at the same time the most efficient and durable. We are constantly introducing innovations for FEC operators, and we manage to satisfy their needs, using all the new technology available.

A bit of our history.

Magnetic cash was born in Argentina more than 20 years ago. It was created by the owners of “Le Park Entretenimientos”, a FEC chain that is still operating and growing, despite the ups and downs of the argentine economy. Tired of the work that the token operation required, the lack of control on their staff and the lack of information for decision-making, they used their technical knowledge in programming and decided to create their own cashless system. Seeing that several of their colleagues liked the product and wanted to buy it, they began upgrading it so that they could sell it in Argentina. It was an imminent success and they decided to start selling it in Latin America and then to the world, starting to attend different exhibitions, like the IAAPA Expo for 18 consecutive years.


The importance of associtations.

Over the years, being part of Asociaciones allowed us to get close to very important people in the industry, in addition to allowing us to attend different exhibitions around the world. We constantly work to be active members of the associations that we are part of and we try to contribute our small part.

We are proudly members of the International Asociation of Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) for 20 consecutive years.

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Next conventions.

Send us an email to sales@magneticash.com or complete the contact form to arrange a meeting.

Amusement Expo

Jun 29 – Jul 1, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

IAAPA Attractions Expo

Nov 16-19, 2021

Orlando, FL


Develop and provide efficient, easy-to-use and durable hardware and software solutions that increase profits at the same time that they reduce costs of indoor entertainment centers.


Be the main provider of hardware and software solutions for indoor entertainment centers in the low end market in Latin America, US and EMEA.

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+54 9 11 5705 0848 / +54 9 11 2254 0021


Buenos Aires, Argentina.