New attractions post pandemic


Benoit Cornet has been busy in 2020, which is the way he likes it. Ever since he entered the themed entertainment industry in 2001, he’s made a name for himself as a pioneer of interactive experience. With a background in marketing, business and engineering, Cornet is a walking idea factory, keenly observant and ready to challenge assumptions, as befits a serial entrepreneur and industry leader. In April 2020 he announced having formed a new company, BoldMove, saying, “Now is the time to be agile and prepare for the post-crisis era with attractions that are innovative and smart, offering a fast & high return on investment.

With the “Houba World” announcement, Cornet indicates that he has done the legwork for BoldMove to facilitate the Marsupilami IP to roll out onto multiple attractions platforms including theme parks, LBE and zoos. Branded attractions are complex projects with many stakeholders to please, including the fan base, the licensor and the attraction operator. 

Being small and nimble, the company can move quickly in a relatively smooth process. But we don’t get lost in the technology and we don’t want our clients to get lost in the technology. We want to make sure that park and leisure center visitors forget their worries for a day and are immersed into a world of magic and fantasy.

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