Falcon’s Creative Group unveils SpectraVerse attractions


Falcon’s Creative Group has added to its patented and patent pending product offerings with a new family of attractions called SpectraVerse™. These interactive walking adventures harness immersive storytelling techniques and advanced media technologies to empower individuals with their own unique role and positionally tracked perspective. The two distinct attraction configurations are SpectraVerse Odyssey and SpectraVerse Quest.

In the SpectraVerse Odyssey attraction, each guest engages with real-time interactive media content as their group travels from scene to scene in a pulsed, walk-through experience.

In the SpectraVerse Quest attraction, squads roam freely in a competitive or cooperative interactive gaming environment that adapts to each player’s perspective.

Both configurations are complemented by themed scenic environments, surround sound audio-scapes, lighting, special effects, and other show elements. The systems utilize 3D positional tracking and a real-time game engine to generate dynamic content and perspectives that are specific to each individual guest.

“With SpectraVerse attractions, guests can explore infinite realms of imagination together,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, president and CCO of Falcon’s Creative Group. “These narrative-fueled, role-playing experiences are unlike anything in the market. Imagine seeing an entirely different world than the people next to you, while having agency to influence the outcome of the collective journey!”

Each SpectraVerse attraction can be configured for a multitude of venues, such as theme parks, location-based entertainment centres, and more. Turnkey SpectraVerse attraction systems are offered through Falcon’s Licensing, a division of Falcon’s Creative Group.

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