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Magnetic Cash control wireless

What is Magnetic Cash system? 

Magnetic Cash is a complete debit card system that enables Game Room operators to achieve increased operational efficiency while reducing costs. 

With Magnetic Cash’s software and hardware GAME ROOMS operators will be able to offer their clients a better experience within their establishment, at the same time that they control their employees, have control of the ticket house, and create special promotions and prices. 

Adding magnetic cash will increase your earnings.

A better way to run your game room business.

Easily track every transaction and purchases, control your employees, 

track your redemption inventory and more with a simple-to-use, affordable solution.

Take informed business decisions.

Take a depth look at the stability and health of your game room business with Magnetic Cash’s complete reports. Every transactions in your establishment is registered for a later analysis and control. Take decisions with the correct information in your hand.

Total control of every transaction

Take an in-depth look at the stability and health of your vending machine business with VendSoft’s rich reporting system. Calculate sales tax, commissions, profit and loss, as well as margins per product, machine and location.

Promotion and marketing tools.

Add different promotions to increase the performance of your entertainment center by making your customers spend more. Differential prices for certain machines or schedules VIP prices for loyal customers.

Flexibility to work.

At Magnetic Cash we are committed to offering a flexible product. We are operators as well as debit card system suppliers so we understand that what operators need is flexibility to be able to work freely.

Redemption total control – Go green with E-Tickets

Have full control of all movements related to tickets that are made in your game room, tickets won by customers, ticket exchange, prizes awarded. All the information is available, Track your inventory and analyzes which prizes are the most redeemed in order to make a good decision when buying prizes or simply controls that the transactions are being carried out correctly.

Swipe between Physichal or electronic tickets.

You have the possibility to change from paper to electronic tickets, a major change taking place in all entertainment centers around the world. This gives a good brand image because shows that you take care of the environment by reducing the use of paper. Besides, it optimizes the exchange of tickets, as it prevents from loading tickets on redemption machines. Optimize, reduce costs and give a good image.

Why choosing Magnetic Cash?

Designed 100% for FEC operators.

Magnetic Cash cashless system products

Better and more secure customer experience

In addition to all the benefits that the system offers to the operator, it also improves the visitor experience within the center. Greater benefits for them, more information at their disposal and more security by reducing the transfer of money, currency or tokens.

Simple easy-to-install and use system. 

We focus on developing a system that is easy to use and install in both software and hardware products. The system can be installed by the same operator without the need for a specialized Magnetic Cash technician to attend the location.

 No monthly Fee – Affordable to locations of all sizes

Magnetic Cash offers a system that allows the operator to work with total freedom, they can installed by themselfs, not internet connection necessary and the most important thing is that Magnetic Cash don’t charge any monthly fee. The system is also scalable,  it is very simple to expand the system, if the number of machines is expanded.

Kind words by our clients

“The Magnetic Cash system and product line offers a robust cashless system that is priced right for operators of all sizes. The extensive history and proven reliability of Magnetic Cash combine to offer a simple to install and operate system for our customers. We are delighted to have reached an agreement with them as a distributor for the U.S. market.”

Jeff Blair

Director, Sureway Gaming (US)

“Magnetic Cash es un aliado estratégico de nuestra compañía, brindando soluciones tecnológicas que permiten una mayor eficiencia y control de las operaciones. Independientemente de esto, destaco la calidad del grupo humano que lo compone y el compromiso con sus clientes para dar siempre respuesta inmediata a los problemas que puedan aparecer.”

Antonio Font

Owner, Divervamina. (Argentina)

“The new system not only accomplish our expectations but helps us to rise our sales and have a better control of the rooms. Everything was excellent, the pre-sale, the sale and post-sale services as well as the attention of Magnetic Cash T.M. staff.”

Diego Rodino

Owner, Taxco Pool (Uruguay)

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